Stop Wasting Time and Energy Being Misunderstood

Master the Art of Magnetizing Conversations

Magnetize Your Message  


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  • Transform Resistance into Reverence

    Reach the listener on a new level; Magnetize them to your message faster, save time and enjoy life.

  • Master the Dynamics of Conversation 

    Rapport is crucial to communication. From closing a sale to skyrocketing your success - to gain rapport, you must understand the dynamics that  transform "no's" into "YES!".

  • Convert Competitors Into Collaborators  Discover how different personalities in men and women can work seamlessly together.


    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Some of Our Clients


Have You Ever Walked away from a conversation and realized you didn't feel  that you were clearly "seen", heard, or understood? 


 A Six Week Coaching Course for

Mastery of Magical Conversations.


Time is money. Don't waste another moment or opportunity. Maximize the moment by mastering the

hidden dynamics of conversation.


What You'll Receive



- 6 Weeks Coaching + Course       $4997

- Gender Dynamics Book              $ 97

- Gender Dynamics Workbook      $197

- Your Quote Published in the Book $1000

with Your Name, Title, Company, Website, and Photo



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Get Your Quote Featured in the Book w/ Headshot, Title, Company, and Contact Information

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Get Your Name, Company, and Quote Listed in the book as a contributor. 



6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Learn the dynamics while living it. Get expert guidance from the Creator of Gender Dynamics, Herself, Miss Magical Conversations.

 Monetize Your Message with Who's In Charge - Gender Dynamics WORKBOOK

Magnify Your Results. Get hands-on for deeper understanding and greater synergy. Magnetize your conversations 3'xs faster with this handy workbook. 

(Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

Mastering the Art of Magical Conversations BOOK

Get the book that started it all. 

Special Edition with Your Magical Conversations Quote, Name, Title, Website, and Photo Printed in the Book as an Expert Contributor.




Mastering the Art of Magnetizing Your Conversations.

How Can Magical Conversations help me?

Do you ever feel like you aren't being respected or "heard"?

Do conflicts take up your time?

Do you have problems relating to your spouse, co-workers, employees, kids, friends, or family members?


Unnecessary misunderstandings can come up between men and women. This is an accelerated course that helps you ask the questions you don't want to ask to gain new perspectives for resolution and success. This course teaches you ways to help you recognize opportunities to transform conflict into a force for good.


The Magical Conversations book is a navigation tool that delivers immediate results and gives you techniques you can use right away.


How is the course administered?

Will I receive any personal 1-on-1 Coaching?



  The Problem

with Conversations in the Workplace and the World.


Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps

Conversations in the Workplace


Can men and women listen to each other

and set loving intentions to collaborate and co-create?

Do you work with people? 

Do you have trouble relating to the opposite (or same sex)? 


We all need to shift the game at home and work.


Our Customers Love Us!

"Merely by shifting my perspective and given a simple guidance, I shifted how my team perceived me and our working practices are now magical. Pauline's approach is both open minded yet practical and manageable by men and women alike. Great tool for managing misunderstandings."

John Faber

Executive, Chancellor

Magical Conversations is the #1 Secret Sauce You Need to Know to Maximize and Monetize Your interactions with others. Don't waste another conversation being misunderstood or devalued. Communicate your value like a pro. This course has opened my eyes to the dynamics of conversations and how it's not just a Male, Female thing..

Dr. Danté Sears

Founder, COO

Communicating with my wife and 13 year old daughter was like a losing battle. Dr. Pauline's Group Coaching sessions have drastically changed my life - finally I feel more understood and respected in our home. A great course for the whole family. There is in more magnetization than the value of enjoying your family interactions. Just do it!

Gary Rothsport

Techxpert, Father

Magical Conversations helped my business partner and I finally understand and identify the hidden pockets of resistance and the secret to the success of our partnership. This realization has saved us thousands - into millions of dollars in time, energy, and resources. Thank you, Dr. Pauline Crawford-Omps.

Grace Mills



Become a Certified Ambassador of Magical Conversations and Get Your Name, Company, and Quote Listed in the book as a contributor when you sign up for this exclusive 6 week training program. 







What are you waiting for?

Don't let yet another prospect or opportunity slip out of your grasp. No More Feeling Minimized and Powerless in Conversations. Maximize your results and Step Into Your Power with Magical Conversations that Convert.

Start Magnetizing your conversations for Success Today!

Miss Magical Conversations

Presenter, Founder & CEO Corporate Heart Ltd UK President of World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE).


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